Our skin treatments aim to deliver healthy functioning skin, whatever your concern. Our non-ablative approach allows us to deliver results without compromising the skin or putting it under unnecessary stress…

Skin Health Consultation

A detailed consultation and skin analysis is fundamental to correctly asses the overall health of your skin. Your consultation will consist of an in depth discussion on your skins history, internal and external influences, your current regimen accompanied by a detailed skin analysis combining visual observation and 3D advanced imaging. Our Observ 520 x skin scanner is powered by sophisticated illumination technology that enables us to reveal hidden irregularities that lie beneath your skins surface, thus improving our ability to delve deeper into your concerns. Our skin experts will asses your skins barrier function, texture, secretions, vascularity and UV damage. The information we have obtained will be thoroughly explained to you, our aim is to educate you on your skin and help you understand how to treat it correctly.

If you require long term, healthy skin we will curate a treatment and / or homecare plan suited to your skins individual needs, taking into consideration your time and budget.

45 minutes – £50.00 

My First Skin Treatment

This treatment has been named ‘My First Skin Treatment’ because it is exactly that, yours! Our treatments are not ‘one size fits all’ as everyone’s skin is different. All of our treatments are completely bespoke and tailored to treat all skin conditions and concerns. Your first treatment will begin with a ‘Skin Health Consultation’, the information we have obtained will determine the outline of your treatment. During your treatment, we work with a wide selection of active ingredients that will help us to improve your skin health and correct nutritional imbalances. A bespoke mix of advanced modalities such as sonophoresis, iontophoresis, microcurrent, nano-current, nano-infusion, high frequency and Dermalux Tri-wave MD Light therapy enable us work on a cellular level to enhance penetration, lift muscles, stimulate collagen, reduce inflammation and improve the structural integrity of your skin.

This treatment requires no downtime, your skin will be left smooth, calm and rejuvenated with a youthful glow!

1 hour 45 minutes – £155.00 (Includes a Skin Health Consultation at a reduced price of £30.00)

My Skin Treatment

My Skin treatment will follow on from My First Skin treatment. Our skin is continuously changing not just over the years, but throughout the year, each time you visit us some elements of your treatment will be different depending on your skins current state of health and the seasonal changes.

You are able to choose the time you would like us to look after your skin. Additional time can be spent concentrating on areas such as the neck and décolleté or you may prefer extended time with your favourite modality.

60 Minutes – £125.00
75 Minutes – £150.00
90 Minutes – £175.00

Bespoke Advanced Needling

Bespoke Advanced Needling Skin needling is the most advanced treatment we offer. It is a nonsurgical treatment using a mechanical devise that creates tiny little micro-channels into the skin to stimulate cells that lead to the production of collagen and growth factors. Skin needling can treat many skin concerns from acne scarring, sun damage to lines and wrinkles. Your skin will look brighter, plumper and more youthful with regular advanced needling. Like all of our treatments, our needling treatments are tailored to treat the needs of your skin, this will determine the depths and areas we treat. All needling treatments are included within a skin treatment plus LED to maximise results and minimise downtime.

Please Note: This service cannot be booked as a first treatment therefore will not be found on our online booking portals. If you are interested in this treatment please book in for ‘My First Skin Treatment’ or a ‘Skin Health Consultation’.

90 Minutes – £205.00

Image taken before and after ONE treatment

The Red Carpet Facelift

We have put together a treatment protocol using our cutting edge treatment modalities that produce instant results for the perfect “red carpet” treatment.

Treatment includes a combination of Venus Freeze Radio Frequency, Dermapen Microneedling, A-Lift Micro-current, Environ Ionzyme DF, Dermalux LED Light Therapy and CoolLifting C02 Therapy.

This treatment can be exceptional as a one off for a special event or you can opt for this instead of your usual monthly bespoke treatment. If you want super charged, long term results we recommend a course of 6 weekly treatments along with monthly maintenance.

If you suffer from any chronic skin or health conditions or you are taking any medication please email before booking.

90 Minutes – £255.00

Teenage Skin Treatment

This treatment is targeted at young teenage skins. We offer help and support with distressing skin conditions such as congestion and acne. We can get them on the right path by guiding them on how to look after their skin and the correct skin care products to use. Combing our bespoke treatments with regular LED phototherapy we can minimize the symptoms of teenage hormonal changes within the skin, giving them back their confidence and making them feel at ease at their most vulnerable time.

45 Minutes – £60.00

IPL Skin Rejuvenation (Intense Pulsed Light)

This is a non-invasive treatment that delivers a broad spectrum of pulsed light to reach several layers of the skin simultaneously to correct and treat red veins, enlarged pores, uneven skin colour and sun damage without disruption of the skins surface. IPL can treat the skin on the face, neck and hands producing younger and healthier looking skin with no downtime. We include IPL within a skin treatment for best results.

Consultation and Patch Test – £30.00
IPL Skin Rejuvenation & Thread vein removal from – £50 – £150.00 per session

Lift & Glow

This express treatment is targeted at lifting and brightening the skin. A shorter version of our ‘A-lift Synergy’ for those requiring a quick skin pick me up. To finish we will pop you under our LED light to brighten and boost cell renewal, giving your skin that perfect party glow.


45 Minutes – £60.00

Relax ME

For those that require some TLC with no particular skin concerns, relax ME is perfect for you. This treatment includes advanced products carefully selected for your skins current needs, without the use of machinery. A face, neck and chest massage is included to leave you feeling calm and relaxed. This thoroughly pampering treatment is completed with a soothing algae mask resulting in a glowing and rejuvenated complexion.

60 minutes – £80.00

Bright Eyes

“The eyes are the windows of the soul.” This is a dedicated bespoke treatment for your eye area. Stresses and strains of everyday life can show in our eyes, we can plump, brighten and lift fatigued eyes via different modes of treatments depending on your personal eye concerns.

15 Minutes – £33.00

Dermalux Tri-wave MD - LED Phototherapy

Our award winning Dermalux Tri-wave MD (Medical Device) is the most powerful LED machine in the world. LED Light Therapy can enhance any skin treatment but also warrants itself as a powerful stand-alone skin treatment which is why we have created our ‘Light Room’. A non-invasive, safe and pain free treatment that harnesses the power of light to naturally stimulate skin rejuvenation and healing with no down-time. Tri-wave MD is a medically CE certified treatment for acne, psoriasis, wound healing and pain relief (muscular skeletal). Specific combinations of light also stimulate collagen production, reduce inflammation, increase hydration, improve skin laxity and texture. With LED phototherapy, the visible effects are immediate after just one treatment the skin is plump and radiant and redness and irritation is calmed. For general well-being of the skin we recommend weekly treatments. For problematic skins, we recommend coming for two treatments a week.

20 Minute LED Therapy – £50.00
Course of 10 Treatments – £400.00 (saving £100.00)

Skin Transformations


We understand how frustrating and inconvenient the regular maintenance of shaving, waxing and hair removal creams can be. IPL has made this a thing of the past.

Our IPL Ellipse system has a unique dual filtering mechanism removing any potentially harmful wavelengths making it one of the safest and most effective methods for a permanent hair reduction today. This treatment works by targeting the pigment in the hair with broad spectrum light, the light is then converted into heat at the base of the hair follicle which in turn breaks down and changes the structure of the follicle. Over time IPL will reduce and alter the density of the hair until for some it becomes unnoticeable. You will need a minimum of 6 IPL treatments until you see a true change in your hair. A consultation and patch test is required 48hours before your first IPL treatment. During your consultation, we will devise a personal treatment plan, explain the process and treatment in detail to be assured you are in safe hands on the path to smooth skin.


Upper Lip – £25.00
Chin – £25.00
Sides of Face – £45.00


Standard Bikini (from the knicker line outwards) – £45.00

Extended Bikini (extended inwards from the knicker line) – £50.00

Brazilian (all hair treated underneath) – £70.00

Hollywood (all hair removed) – £75.00

Buttocks – £85.00


Underarm – £35.00
Half Arm – £70.00
Full Arm – £95.00
Fingers – £15.00


Half Leg – £85.00
Full Leg – £180.00
Thighs – £105.00
Toes – £15.00


Half Back – £90.00
Chest – £90.00
Stomach – £50.00
Stomach Centre Line – £35.00
Areola – £35.00


Full Back – £150.00
Half Back – £100.00
Chest Full – £100.00
Chest Centre – £40.00
Torso – £100.00
Half Arm – £90.00
Full Arms – £125.00
Full Leg – £200.00
Half Leg – £130.00

Consultation and Patch Test – £30.00 (redeemable against treatment / courses)

Course of 6, receive one FREE Prices Vary


We believe eyes and brows are a focal point on the face, we offer the best treatments and products to enhance your natural beauty without comprising the skin and lashes.

Eye Brow Styling

We offer bespoke eyebrow styling depending on your hair type and strength with a choice of sugaring, threading and tweezing to achieve the cleanest finish that is gentle and kind to the skin.

15 Minutes – £15.00

Eye Brow Tint

Enhance and lift the general appearance of the eye area with an eyebrow tint. If your brows are barely there or you are finding greys popping up, tinting may be for you. We have sourced the best tinting products that give long lasting results with a wide range of beautiful colours that can also be blended to suit your hair and skin tone perfectly.

15 Minutes – £13.00

Eye Lash Tint

Make your eyes pop with this quick and painless procedure that gives instant results creating darker, longer and thicker looking lashes. We are here to give advice on our wide selection of colours to achieve the best results for you.

30 Minutes – £18.00

ME Lash Lift

This ultimate eyelash treatment instantly transforms your natural lashes and defines the whole eye area. Lifting every single lash from the very root, completed with a tint giving the appearance of mascara. You will have long, dark voluminous lashes for 6-8 weeks with no maintenance. This treatment never disappoints even on the shortest of natural lashes.

75 Minutes – £65.00

ME Brows

Nothing frames the face like beautiful eyebrows. Using a combination of our tinting and eyebrow styling treatment to create perfect bespoke brows. Your brow stylist will measure and enhance your brows to ensure they complement your face shape and features. We can even take you on a brow journey to re-grow sparse or overplucked brows.

45 Minutes – £38.00

Henna Brows

Henna is an alternative treatment to an eyebrow tint. It creates a
natural stain on the skin filling in any gaps creating a soft powdered
brow finish, that lasts up to three weeks on the skin and up to six weeks on the hair. Eyebrow styling is included within the treatment.

45 Minutes – £38.00

ME Brow Lift

A ME Brow Lift is our bespoke version of the new brow craze that is ‘Brow Lamination’. Here we utilise the techniques of the well known Lash Lift to re-positioning the brow hairs, creating the illusion of volume. We can position the hairs for the look you desire, i.e natural, fluffy or bold.

45 Minutes – £45.00

Brow & Lash Transformations


Microblading is now an established cosmetic procedure. Carefully selected pigments made of pure in-organic minerals are placed in the dermal layer of the skin. We aim to achieve results that naturally enhance your features thus giving you confidence and saving you time. You will need to allow up to 2 hours for your first appointment.


An optional consultation can be done prior to your treatment. We will discuss and explain the treatment in detail and go over shapes and colour pigments. We can also perform a patch test during consultation if you have not already been sent one.

Consultation redeemable against a treatment – £30.00 (30 minutes)


Eyebrows are one of your most prominent facial features, they help accentuate the eyes and shape the face. Each set of brows is designed bespoke to you that will compliment you without make- up but can easily be vamped up for an evening look. Whether your brows have thinned with age, are over-plucked, are very fair or you simply want to improve their shape and appearance, we are here to help. There is no concern too big or small, we can add one or two hairs or recreate brows completely. Your technician will advise which technique will be best suited to you and what you want to achieve.


Also known as “brow embroidery” is a technique that was first discovered thousands of years ago using a super fine micro-blade to etch lines into the skin that flow in the same direction as your own hairs, performed by hand to create the most natural looking hair strokes.

Microblading – £375.00

Blade & Shade

A combination of techniques using a microblade followed by digital machine to create a blend of hair strokes and powdered effect.

Blade & Shade – £400.00

Nano Needle Brow

If you want a bolder looking brow but still want to achieve a natural hair stroke effect then opt for Nano needle brows. Using digital machine method with an ultra-fine needle to implant pigments.

Nano Needle Brow – £375.00

Complimentary Touch-ups

All new procedures will receive one complimentary touch up to be taken 6 weeks after your initial procedure. On rare occasion some clients may require a third session to complete the desired look. This will cost an additional £100.00 if taken within 8 weeks of the complimentary touch up.

Please Note: If you do not meet the time frame for complimentary touch ups, touch up fees will apply. Failure to attend touch ups may result in loosing your free session.


All our procedures are semi-permanent and require periodic touch- up treatments to maintain the vibrancy of the tattoo. The time gap between maintenance treatments varies depending on your skin type and lifestyle etc. however these are normally performed every 9-18 months. If you return for maintenance procedure within 12 months you will receive a 50% discount off the price of the initial procedure.

We require a 50% deposit for all semi-permanent make up appointments, which will be taken at the time of booking. This is non refundable if you cancel within 48hrs of the appointment time. All procedures require a patch test at least 24 hours before, If you are unable to come to the salon for a patch test we can send one to you in the post for you to perform at home.

Microblading Results


Our ethos and passion for skin health extends all the way through to our hand and foot treatments. We have sourced the best skin and nail products to for a bespoke, results driven service. 

Sugar Hair Removal is a natural alternative to waxing, made of just sugar, lemon and water. Sugaring adheres only to the hairs and not the skin making it a less painful and gentler method of hair removal for a comfortable experience. You will leave with soft, bare, beautiful skin with lasting results.

Lycon is a unique Hot Wax that works at a lower temperature than traditional Hot Wax methods. It shrink wraps and removes hair as short as 1mm whilst being gentle on the skin. For most the experience is painless which has made Lycon a world wide #1 choice. Lycon Hot Wax is only available on facial, underarm and intimate areas.


“Feed your sole…”

Express Polish

For toes on the go! Toe nails are shaped, smoothed and tidied complete with your choice of OPI nail polish and Sech Vite top coat.

15 Minutes – £15.00

Classic Pedicure

A relaxing classic pedicure featuring OPI’s luxury range of ProSpa products inspired by facial skin care with nature’s most soothing and effective botanicals that will leave your feet feeling silky smooth and smelling scrumptious. Includes the traditional Soak, cut, file, cuticle care, scrub, dry skin removal, massage and your chosen shade of OPI polish completed with Seche Vite fast dry top coat.

45 Minutes – £35.00

Advanced Foot Treatment

This pedicure is where medi meets pedi, combining luxury with science. We have created a tailored treatment targeted at troubled skin on the feet to transform them into the perfect soles. We safely remove all dead, dry and callus skin using a combination of pediceutical products and tools from our advanced foot care ranges Footlogix & Elim. As part of the treatment your feet will be immersed in a deep hydrating mask and placed into hot booties, you will leave completely relaxed with feet feeling lighter and younger. This treatment gives instant and long lasting results and is completely safe for diabetes sufferers.

60 Minutes – £50.00

Add Ons

To add a long lasting finish to any of the above pedicures

CND Shellac/Gellish – £10.00/French £13.00


“Look after your hands, they never take a day off!”

Express Polish

Perfect for great looking nails on the go! Nails are shaped, smoothed and tidied with your chosen OPI polish, finished with Seche Vite fast dry top coat.

15 Minutes – £15.00

Classic Manicure

A lovely classic for beautiful nails, using OPIs ProSpa products with skincare-quality ingredients . Nails will be soaked, shaped, cuticles cared for, hands creamed and hydrated finished with your chosen OPI shade plus Seche Vite and topped off with a drop of cuticle oil.

30 Minutes – £27.00

Ultimate Hand Treatment

The ultimate treatment to restore, soften & brighten the skin! Life can take its toll on our hands being frequently exposed to water, chemicals and the elements causing the skin to show early signs of ageing. We have created this treatment to put back in what life takes out. An enzyme mask to gently lift off dead skin cells will be applied to the hands then placed into warm mitts. Nails will be soaked, shaped and complete cuticle care performed. Depending on your concerns a bespoke blend of active ingredients will then be massaged into the hands. After a deep relaxing hand massage with our Dermaviduals skin loving cream your treatment will be complete with you chosen OPI polish. If you want to continue the kindness to your nails you can opt for our IBX nail restoration for a natural finish.

45 Minutes – £45.00

Add Ons

Add a long lasting finish to any of the above manicure treatments.

CND Shellac/Gelish – £10.00/French £13.00
The Gel Bottle BIAB – £15.00/French £18.00

CND Shellac/Gelish Overlay

Performs like a gel, applies like a polish. For those requiring long lasting colour that stays perfect for 2 weeks! Nails are prepped before your choice of colour is applied to natural nails and cured under our LED lamp.

30 Minutes – £30.00

The Gel Bottle Builder In A Bottle (BIAB)

For those that require a stronger more durable overlay then this is the perfect choice for you. B BIAB is soak-off gel system lasting up to 3 weeks. You are able to grow your own nails with this system as it adds strength to the nail making them virtually unbreakable yet flexible. Nails are prepped and Gel is applied and cured under our speedy LED Lamp.

45 Minutes – £35.00

Nail Restoration

For those that suffer with problem nails, or they have been damaged or weakened our IBX system is here to help. IBX revolutionary system works by penetrating the upper layers of the nail plate to toughen and protect weak nails, as well as fix chronic imperfections. Can be used as a nail growth treatment or under any gel system.

IBX Application – £10.00
IBX with another treatment or overlay – £8.00

Soak Off Removals

To ensure no damage to your natural nail plate it is important to come back to have your enhancements expertly and gently removed. After soak off nails are filed and buffed and cuticle oil is applied.

Soak Off & Tidy – £15.00
Soak Off – followed by a new set – £5.00

Foot Transformations

Images taken after ONE ‘Advanced Foot Treatment’


Sugar is a natural alternative to waxing, made of just sugar, lemon and water. Sugaring adheres only to the hairs and not the skin making it a less painful and gentler method of hair removal for a comfortable experience. You will leave with soft, bare, beautiful skin with lasting results.

Lycon is a gentle hot wax and an alternative method for intimate areas. Containing natural resins, wax, and aromatherapy oils. It shrink wraps and removes hair as short as 1mm, most find it an almost painless treatment. 


Upper Lip – £15.00
Chin – £15.00
Up & Chin – £20.00
Sides of Face – £15.00


                                                   Standard Bikini –   Sugar £20.00 / Lycon  £20.00                                                       Extended Bikini – Sugar £25.00 / Lycon £25.00

Brazillian Sugar – £35.00 / Lycon £35.00
Hollywood Sugar – £38.00 / Lycon £38.00


Underarm – £20.00
Half Arm – £20.00
Full Arm – £25.00


Half Leg – £25.00
Three Quarter – £30.00
Full Leg – £35.00


Back – £35.00
Half Back – £25.00
Chest – £25.00
Centre Chest – £20.00
Torso – £25.00
Top Arm – £20.00